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We all use mice every day. It is very common to hear clicking sounds from the mouse. Mouse click speed is essential because it can affect our productivity. Experts have conducted a mouse double click test and click per second (CPS) test to measure the clicking speed of the mouse. Let’s see how it works.

Click Per Seconds or CPS Test

CPS or Click per Seconds is a simple test to measure how fast a person can click on a target. The test is usually administered by clicking on a target with the right hand and then counting the number of clicks in one second. Different methods are used to increase the clicking speed, such as butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, drag clicking, and many others.

Mouse Double Click Test

Mouse double click tests are used to determine if a mouse can be used for regular computer use. It is perfect for measuring the clicking speed of the mouse, and you can also use this to increase your clicking speed in games such as Minecraft PVP. A mouse double click test is when you hold down the left mouse button and then drag the cursor over the area you want to click. You should hear two clicks as your mouse registers both the up and down movements. If you can’t hear the clicks, your mouse may not work properly, and you should replace it. It is also termed a double click or speed click test.

If users do not know how to use the mouse properly, they may accidentally hit the button repeatedly. Occasionally, hardware problems are the leading cause of a double click. For example, if something is blocking the trackball from rolling, users may repeatedly hit the button to move the cursor.

Mouse double clicks are the standard and often-used way to interact with a computer. If you can’t double-click, you may have to rely on other interaction methods.

Working of Double Click Test  Tool

Double Click Test is a computer security test that uses the principle of double click to detect if a user has enabled or disabled security features on their computer. This test is used by businesses to ensure that their employees are using proper security settings on their computers.

Testing games through double click can provide a quick, automated way to check for performance issues. This tool is especially beneficial for faster-paced games where players make frequent and rapid decisions. By running tests in short loops, developers can quickly identify problems that may be causing lag or other issues.

Benefits of Using Mouse Double Click Test

Double-clicking on a mouse can be an easy way to get your cursor moving, and it has some benefits.

Benefits of Mouse Double Click Test

1. To Check the Working of the Cursor

The mouse double click test is a simple and easy way to check the working of the cursor. Double-clicking the mouse button once will open the blue cursor in the middle of the screen. Then, you need to hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the right until it disappears. If it disappears completely, then your cursor is working fine. If you can’t double-click the mouse, your cursor is not responding correctly. You may need to lubricate or replace your mouse’s ball. Second, if you’re having trouble locating specific elements on a web page or document, double-clicking may help you find them more quickly.

2. To Check the Functioning of the Mouse

The mouse double click test is a simple procedure that can be used to check the functionality of a mouse. The test involves clicking the mouse button twice quickly. If the mouse functions appropriately, the second click should be registered as a single click. If there is an issue with the mouse, the second click may not be registered at all. It is used to test mice’s speed, sensitivity, and accuracy.

3. Helps to Optimize the Game Performance

It can help you optimize your in-game performance by identifying which buttons you should be pressing most frequently.  Many people are unaware that a mouse double click test can help optimize game performance. This simple test allows you to check if a particular mouse button is performing up to par, and if it’s not, you can adjust the settings accordingly. Doing this can improve your gaming experience by limiting unnecessary mouse clicks and saving on processor resources.

It is an excellent way to speed up tasks by automating some common actions. By clicking and holding down the left mouse button, then clicking and releasing the button twice quickly, you can quickly open a file or document. This shortcut is convenient if you have multiple files open and want to switch between them quickly.

4. Perfect for Increasing the CPS Rate

By clicking and holding down the left mouse button, you can then drag the cursor to the area you want to select. It is considered the perfect one for gamers as it enhances their gaming CPS rate and helps them get a high score. It is a simple test that can help identify any potential issues with a mouse. Using this test, you can correct any problems and improve your chances of winning the games.

Is the Mouse Double-Clicking Test Safe?

Yes, it is. The mouse double clicking test is a popular online tool to check your mouse. The test involves clicking the left and right mouse buttons quickly. If the person detects they are timed, they are likely using an incorrect mouse. Some people believe this test is not safe and can be used to accuse someone of cheating falsely.

How to Use the Mouse Double Click Test?

How to Use Mouse Double Click Test

The double-click mouse test determines how much software has been installed on a computer. It is also used to identify problems with the mouse or pointer. The test can be performed by pressing the left mouse button and then double-clicking the right mouse button.

  • The tool used for testing the mouse double click works in a pretty simple way;
  • Scroll up to use the mouse double-click test tool.
  • The tool has a simple interface with a large screen. Hereafter pressing the start button, the test starts.
  • You have to start clicking the mouse buttons.
  • The mouse clicker tool counts the mouse clicks and automatically detects the double-clicking speed of the mouse by the difference between the two clicks.

List of Games that Require Double Clicking

Several games require that the mouse be double-clicked to move the cursor. The following is a list of games and their requirements.

  • PUBG
  • Minecraft
  • Counter strike
  • Realm grinder
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnight
  • World of Warcraft
  • Diablo III
  • Clicker heroes
  • Clicker cookies and many others

Best Mouse for Double-Clicking

Logitech MX Master 2S

It is up to you what mouse you want to use for mouse double click. The standard mouse comes with no specific features therefore, it is not considered suitable for this. While the gaming mouse comes with a high DPI and sensitivity rate, so they are the best for double-clicking games. The Logitech MX Master 2S is the most luxurious of our top picks. It’s a great choice for someone who wants to use their mouse on both a work and gaming setup.


The mouse double click test is a reliable way to test the speed and accuracy of a computer user. It is easy to perform and can be used to assess various skills, such as typing speed and accuracy. The test can also be used to determine how well a user can navigate a computer screen.


1. How can I Increase the Double Click Speed of My Mouse?
  • For this, open the properties of the mouse or pointer from the setting of the system.
  • There you will find the activity tab.
  • Move the slider for mouse double click speed towards the right to increase it.
2. Is it Allowed to Double-Click on Hypixel?

This technique is banned on a lot of software. Instead of that, you can use techniques like jitter clicking and butterfly clicking for improving your clicking speed.

3. What is the Maximum Double-Clicking Time?

The maximum double-clicking time is about 5000 milliseconds

4. What are the Popular Clicking Games?

Minecraft, Time Clicker, Forager, and Bitcoin Billionaire are the most popular clicking games.

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