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Nothing is more problematic than the mouse drifting on its own. Because it disturbs your workflow, and wrong clicks can lead to data removal. Users of such systems with a touchpad often face this problem. During usual tasks on the computer, mouse drifting is not a big problem, but if you are in a competitive game where accuracy is everything. Just imagine, you are in a game, and as you want to fire, the mouse cursor drifts along with the camera. This is enough to make you lose the game.

However, there are multiple reasons and solutions behind the mouse drift problem. If you face any mouse drift issue, then stay focused on finding the cause and a suitable solution for your mouse drifting issues.

What is Mouse Drift?

Mouse drifting is the uncontrolled movement of the mouse cursor, even in the absence of any input. Also, sometimes the mouse starts mouse sliding across screen in the wrong direction and clicks on an unwanted location. This can be a software or a hardware issue. In case of a software issue, the driver replacement and minor adjustment in settings can solve the problem, while a hardware issue of drifting mouse cursor ends up with mouse replacement.

What is Mouse Drift Testing?

The drifting mouse test is an online tool to check whether your mouse is drifting or not. It is a simple and user-friendly tool to find the seriousness of the issue. Confirmation is important to diagnose the problem, look for reasons, and move to the solution. The first step is to ensure that the issue exists or not, and mouse drift testing is a quick solution.

How to Do a Mouse Drift Test?

Mouse drift testing tool is an easy-to-use tool with a clear interface to avoid any kind of confusion. If you want to check the drifting of your mouse, then follow these steps.

  • Scroll up to get your hands on the tool interface.
  • Next, set the timer by typing your desired number.
  • Also, you can set it on unlimited by keeping the timer on zero. 
  • Click on the “click to start” option to start the test.
  • Just click and leave it for a specific time without making any movement.
  • If your mouse is in good condition, the timer ends without notification.
  • However, in case of any drifting, the tool shows a message of the mouse moved on the screen.

Keep checking your mouse drifting at regular intervals so you can detect the problem at the start. With this mouse hovering test, you can detect the slightest movement of the mouse, then look for the reason and the right solution.

Reasons for Mouse Drifting

Before directly looking for the solution, firstly, you should know the reasons behind this critical issue because the proper diagnosis can guide you to the correct solution. There are some significant reasons behind this disturbing issue.

1. Tracking Issues

Tracker in a mouse guides it to move the cursor on the screen. Any problem with this mouse part disturbs the cursor’s movement and moves it even without any input. This is a hardware issue and needs mouse replacement.

2. Driver Issues

A faulty driver or a wrong driver version can be a reason for mouse wandering. This issue is quite common, and replacing the driver with the correct one solves the drifting problem. However, it can be due to malfunctioning of the operating system dealing with mouse movement.

3. USB Cable

This can be a significant reason for floating cursor while there are multiple possibilities of USB damage. For example, damaged USB cable, faulty USB cable port of the system, and faulty USB port of the mouse. Any of these issues can make the mouse cursor drifting and uncontrolled movement in the wrong direction.

4. Third-Party Driver Issue

If you accidentally download software with traces of malware or viruses, it can cause malfunctioning of the system. These viruses can damage drivers and existing software. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on things entering your system. Don’t download any file without complete verification.

5. Dirt

Dirt and debris can disturb the working of the mouse by entering into the hardware and disturbing the tracker’s working that, results in floating mouse. This is a standard issue in the areas where dirt is expected; therefore, to avoid it keep the surface of the table and mouse clean.

6. Bad Signals

If you are using a wireless mouse for your gaming, then the reason can be a lousy signal because everything that happens on your screen has a wireless direction system. Therefore, the mouse could not send the instructions to the system correctly, leading to mouse drifting.

Also, mobiles and wireless things disturb the signals of cordless mice. If you face any mouse floating, keep these devices away for the proper functioning of the mouse.

7. Too Sensitive Sensor

The mouse detects the movement through the sensor and copies it on the screen. But if the sensor becomes extra sensitive, the cursor covers a larger distance on the screen even with a minor mouse movement. Too sensitive sensors can also be a major reason behind cursor drifting. However, it is an adjustable feature of the mouse. Reduce the mouse sensitivity to solve the issue.

8. Uneven Surface

The functionality of a mouse depends on its working surface. An uneven and rough surface can disturb the smoothness of the mouse working and make the mouse drift. To avoid this issue, use a mouse pad of good quality.

These are all the reasons that result in mouse drifting, find the reason behind your mouse malfunctioning.

How to Fix a Mouse Drift?

1. Cleaning Mouse Surface

If the drifting problem is dirt and debris, the only solution is to clean the mouse. To get it clean:

  • Remove the mouse from the system and clean it using a damp towel or cotton pad.
  • Remove all the dirt to get its accuracy back.
  • Keep cleaning your mouse regularly to ensure the long life of the mouse because dirt buildup reduces mouse functionality and the life of the mouse.

2. Changing Mouse Pad

An old mouse pad becomes uneven and rough, so if your mouse drifts because of this issue, the only solution is the replacement of the mouse pad. Replace it with a good-quality mouse pad so you can use it for a more extended period. Also, a quality mouse pad increases the accuracy of the mouse.

3. Changing Touchpad Settings

Touchpads with dirt might show drifting; therefore, turn the touchpad off in the settings if you are a mouse user. Follow these steps to turn the keypad off.

  • Type the shortcut key Window+I and then search for touchpad settings.
  • Turn the touchpad off by clicking on the toggle button in the settings.

Once you turn it off, the drifting issue because of the touchpad resolves.

4. Updating Mouse Firmware

If the mouse drift windows 10 after its update, then the reason is the non-compatible firmware of the mouse and needs to be updated. Look for the latest firmware of the mouse you are using on the developer’s website. After this change, check the mouse current working with the help of the mouse speed drift test.

5. Hardware Troubleshooting

Your system has its troubleshooting feature to figure out the issue due to a change in settings.

  • Go to the search bar and look for Command Prompt to use your administrative right.
  • Click on the run the administrative.
  • Now copy and paste this command “msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic” at the given place.
  • It will show a pop-up.
  • Click on next to troubleshoot the hardware.

6. Scanning for Virus or Malware

If your mouse drifts because of third-party software and viruses, then run an antivirus scan to detect issue-causing agents. Delete infected files instantly and stay careful before downloading any file from unknown resources. After removal of these applications, check your mouse is working whether the issue is still there or got resolved.

7. Disabling Other Accessories

Sometimes, you have to attach different accessories to your gaming system like a joystick, graphics tables, etc. These things can result in mouse drifting. If this is the reason, disable them and test your mouse to confirm it’s working. Removal of these input devices improves the utility of the mouse.

8. Update Drivers

Updated drivers for peripheral devices, like keyboard, mouse, joystick, are important for their proper working. Check if your window has updated drivers for them. Follow these steps to uninstall old drivers and replace them with updated versions.

– Through Microsoft Downloader

  • Go to the Microsoft download center, look for the latest version of the driver according to your model number, and install it directly using third-party installation tools.
  • Although the use of third-party apps is not entirely safe.

– Through Settings

Follow this procedure if you find it challenging to explore the model name and other related information.

  • Press the shortcut key Window+I and get to updates and security options.
  • Please open it and click on check for updates to check the availability of any latest drivers.
  • If you find any newest update, download and install it.

9. Adjusting Pointer Speed

High or low, both types of pointer speeds disturb the normal working of the mouse. To balance it, follow these directions.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Click on mouse settings to open it.
  • Bring the slider in the center and tap on ok to confirm changes with a pointer speed slider.

10. Disable Pointer Precision

Enabled mouse precision features often lead to mouse drifting. Therefore, keep it off to avoid this issue. For these changes, follow these steps.

  • On the control panel, look for the mouse.
  • Tap on it to open its settings.
  • This option is present under the pointer speed bar.
  • Uncheck the option of enhancing the pointer precision. 
  • Apply the changes by clicking on the ok.


Mouse drifting can be a severe problem if you are a professional gamer or use a PC for important tasks because you can lose a game or an important file due to drifting. Therefore, test this damage with the help of a mouse drift test. In the case of mouse drifting detection, look for the reason behind drifting and then a suitable solution.

Moreover, as a regular mouse user, try to keep testing mouse drift to detect faults in the first place and find a solution before it gets worse. Also, avoid things that can damage your mouse functionality to prevent drifting and float mouse.


1. How to avoid a slippery mouse pad?

A slippery mouse pad reduces the mouse precision and disturbs the clicking process. Therefore, try to place a wet towel or stick it with a tap underneath to avoid the mouse pad sliding.

2. Do I need to replace my mouse every time it drifts?

The answer is no unless the damage to your mouse is like a broken mouse cable or USB port. In this case, it is difficult to repair the damage; therefore, you have to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you can resolve the problem and keep using the old mouse in case of any software and external issue.

3. Does cleaning the mouse pad make the cursor movement accurate?

The mouse has a tracker that analyzes the surface and moves the cursor on the screen according to it. Therefore, a rough surface often makes the mouse drift or float. Cleaning the mouse pad or replacing it with a new one affects the mouse movement. If your mouse glides because of that issue, it solves the problem. However, if it were working fine already, this change would improve its precision and speed.

4. How do I know if my mouse drifts or floats?

If the issue is severe, you will find it instantly during work. If you are not sure about the drifting of the mouse, use the mouse drift test. This online test can detect minor drifting, you just have to leave the cursor on the tool interface, and it will tell you the current situation of the mouse. Try this tool regularly to avoid any severe issues in the future.

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