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The world we live in today has technology right at its center. With so many technological advancements, we have rapidly shifted to a world where gaming has become a prominent thing. Today, it’s not just gaming that requires repetitive clicking; even if you are working, there will be times when you’ll have to click repeatedly.

CPS test is a tool designed for people to improve their click speed. Many people use these tools to relieve everyday stress and for entertainment purposes. The right-click cps test is one of the many CPS tests designed for you to check your mouse clicking speed, but this tool specifically counts clicks generated by your right mouse button. Let’s know more about this tool in this article.

What is the Right Click Speed Test?

If you’re in search of a way to improve your performance in PC usage or online games, the right-click CPS test is just the right tool for you. The right-click cps test is a unique tool designed to help you track the number of clicks you can make within a pre-defined time frame.

People do this by using a stopwatch; why take the hassle if an automatic counter can do it for you quickly and effectively? With this tool, you will enjoy the true essence of click gaming, practice newer and practical strategies, use different hacks, and get a smooth and swift mouse clicking.

CPS stands for the clicks per second, a measuring unit used by the click counter. It is a measure of your mouse clicking speed. So, if you’re clicking for 10 seconds to check your clicking speed, the result shown is an average of the clicks made in 10 seconds. Moreover, this tool is entirely free to use and is available online, so you won’t have to download it. The world record for the CPS right click test has been set. The question is, can you beat it? You will not know until you try!

Why Do You Need Right Click Speed Test?

The clicks per second test is not something that has just one purpose. Instead, you can use it in different ways. Most gamers use the Drag click cps test right-click to practice their clicking skills to get better at it. Gamers can play their games to their full potential with a better clicking speed and win against their competitors. In this manner, the Cps test can be a great tool to improve your gaming performance.

While one way to use the right-click CPS test is practice, other people use it for entertainment or to relieve stress. The Cps tester is also a game that many players play to compete against one another and make a high score. Players worldwide take the right Click speed test to achieve a higher score and share it with their friends and families.

Finally, as mentioned above, the Cps counter test can also be used as a game to relieve everyday stress, as proved by science that fidgeting with anything, like a tool or a handheld item, helps to relax the mind.

How to Use the Right Click CPS Test?

This tool is simple and easy to use. To use this tool efficiently, follow these simple steps given below.

  1. Go to the top of the page to access right-click CPS test.
  2. Select the time interval you desire for the right-click CPS test.
  3. After setting the interval, press the start button and click as fast as possible. Keep clicking till the timer runs out.
  4. When the timer stops, it will display the results in CPS and the total number of clicks in a pre-defined time.
  5. If you aren’t satisfied with the results and want to retake the test, you can click the reset button to start again.
  6. When you are satisfied with your results, you can share them with your friends and family to compete against them in intense competitions.

Benefits of the Right Click CPS Test

If you’re wondering how the right-click CPS test can be beneficial, it offers multiple benefits.

Saves your money

The Click counter test tool is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use our tool, so you’ll be saving your money yet improving your clicking speed so you can win all future clicking games tournaments.

Relieve Stress and Anger

The right-click CPS test is a great way to relieve everyday anger and stress that builds up. Just keep pressing the right mouse button and feel your pressure being reduced, but at the same time, it improves your right mouse clicking speed.

Ideal Place for Clicking Practice

The CPS right click test is a fantastic tool for gamers who want to increase their clicking speed. The more you practice with this tool, the better you will click. Our right-click CPS test will be beneficial for improving your clicking speed because here, we offer unlimited resets, so you can practice here for hours without worrying about paying charges. Moreover, here you have no fear of being killed by competitors as in the competitive clicking game, and you can focus on fast clicking, improving your gaming skills.

Easy to Operate

The right-click CPS test tool is very simple and easy to operate, making it suitable for all users. You don’t need to learn any complex processes to use the tool. Just open the tool, and click the mouse right button as fast as you can.

How to Increase Your Right Mouse Clicking Speed?

Are you still wondering how you can increase your clicking speed? Here are a few things you can do!

Practice with Our Right Click Speed Test

If you want to achieve an excellent right-mouse clicking speed, practice is necessary. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. So, you can use our right-click test tool as a way to improve your clicking. Practice with our tool daily and achieve a better score by each coming day.

Change Your Clicking Technique

Gamers use different clicking techniques to increase their clicking speed. While most people still use regular mouse-clicking. You can try other clicking techniques; like jitter, kohi, butterfly, and drag clicking can significantly benefit in increasing your clicking speed. You can make more mouse clicks and click faster with these clicking techniques. Try them out for yourself and get better at clicking.

Get a Good Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is essential when it comes to mouse clicking. A gaming mouse with an appropriate sensitivity setting can greatly affect your clicking speed because a gaming mouse can register clicks faster and is more durable compared to a regular mouse. Get a good gaming mouse and adjust the settings to get better at clicking.

Sit in a Comfortable Position

Maintaining the right posture is also necessary to attain a good CPS score because the right posture helps you stay active for a longer time and reduce the factors that hinder your clicking speed like back pain, muscle cramp, etc. Therefore, before starting the right-click CPS test, sit in a comfortable posture and keep your hands and wrists relaxed.


If you’re working or playing games, you will need to click repetitively. What can you do to improve your right-clicking speed? You can use our simple right-click CPS test tool to practice clicking with your right mouse button. This will help you achieve a better CPS score and get better at clicking. Moreover, you can also use this interesting tool to relieve your stress and take a break from work. Try this tool out for yourself today!


What is the right-click CPS test?

The right-click CPS test is an online tool that allows you to know how many clicks you can make with your right mouse button in a specific time frame. Also, provide the best platform to improve your clicking experience, increasing your clicking speed.

What is a good result in the CPS test?

A good result in a CPS test will be between 6 – and 7 clicks in a second. But if you want to win games, this is not a good CPS. Here, you need at least a CPS score of more than 8.

What’s the fastest clicks per second score in 1 second?

The world record for the most clicks recorded in 1 second is 16 CPS. You can easily beat this score by practicing more with our right-click CPS test.

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