Safest Auto Clickers for Roblox, Windows & MAC

6 Safe Auto Clickers For Roblox, Windows & MAC

Gamers would know the importance of using an auto clicker in their games because when done manually, the clicking task gets very boring and tiring. Auto Clicker is an amazing tool that works with different games including Roblox. This software tool helps you to make automatic clicks wherever you want on your device’s screen.

When using an auto clicker, the safety of the tool matters to protect your device from harm. After testing several auto clickers, we have made a list of the best auto clickers for Roblox that are compatible with MAC and Windows. Let’s know more about the tool and it’s working.

Why Do We Need a Safe Auto Clicker?

Mouse for Clicking

Auto clickers are amazing automation tools that can automate all your clicking tasks without you needing to click the mouse repetitively. When you’re playing clicking games like Roblox, you would need to click the mouse button repeatedly. For this purpose, an auto clicker can be a great tool that automates all your clicks. All you have to do is to select the place where you want the clicks and customize them. The auto clicker tool does the rest for you.

While there are many auto clickers available, you’d need to get a safe auto clicker for Windows and Mac, one that does not harm your Windows or Mac device. If you use a safe auto clicker, you won’t have to worry about your device being harmed by viruses or malware. The list of auto clickers we have prepared for you is all safe to use. To keep your computer safe, you’d need a safe auto clicker for your device.

Features of Safest Auto Clicker

Safe auto clickers for mac are unique tools that have an interesting set of features to offer. Here is a list of the amazing features these tools offer.

1. Simple and Easy-to-Use Tools

Auto clickers are very simple and easy tools that require no expertise to use. Beginners and experts can use them easily.

2. Low CPU Usage

Safe auto clickers for Reddit do not take a lot of your system’s resources. They have low CPU usage and won’t consume much space on your device.

3. Click in a Fixed Location or Follow the Cursor

These tools allow users to set the location for clicking or clicking as the cursor is moved.

4. Hotkeys for Immediate Auto-Clicking

Hotkeys can be assigned to be pressed to start and stop clicking. You won’t have to open the tool to start and stop clicks. Just press the assigned hotkey.

5. Free from Malware and Viruses

Safe auto clickers are free from viruses and malware, ensuring not to harm your device or put it to risk in any way.

6. Customize your Clicks

Most safe auto clickers give you the option of customizing your clicks where you can set the number of clicks, speed of clicking, the time interval between clicks, etc.

How to Find that Auto Clicker is Safe or Not?

Most auto clickers are safe for use and run without harming your device. A vast majority of people safely use auto clickers on their devices for playing games. The most appropriate way of knowing if an auto clicker is safe is if you’re downloading it from a legitimate, authentic source. In most cases, when you download from an authentic source, the software is free from malware and safe to use on your device. Nevertheless, some authentic free safe auto clickers are sometimes flagged by antivirus because of being popular.

Moreover, you can read reviews about the auto clicker tool before downloading it to see what people say about the tool, and whether or not it is safe for being used.

Safe Auto Clickers For Roblox, Windows & MAC

Here is a list of the 6 safest auto clickers for Roblox, Mac, and Windows. Let’s have a look.

1. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clicker is amongst the list of the best auto clickers and is especially suited for being used on Windows devices. It is known as the best auto clicker for Windows because of its simplicity of use. This Safe osrs auto clicker will let users set a hotkey sequence that smoothly runs on your device. Other than its suitability for Windows, the GS auto clicker is unique because of its beginner-friendly approach. It is suited for beginners as well as for expert users.

This auto clicker works by recording click sequences on different areas on the screen and repeating them later as needed. It is ideal for playing games like Roblox where users have to click repeatedly. GS auto clicker allows you to set single or double click actions. The click interval can also be adjusted in minutes, hours, seconds, and even milliseconds. If you want the auto clicker to keep clicking till needed, you can set it to run till you stop it yourself. GS auto clicker is works perfect with Windows 7, Vista, Windows, and all other 64-bit systems. This tool is entirely free to use.


  • Best auto clicker for Windows 
  • Records click sequences on various areas on the screen 
  • Choose single or double clicks 
  • Set to continue clicking till stopped manually 
  • Adjust the click interval in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds 
  • Hotkey for starting and stopping clicks 
  • Free to use 
>> Download <<

2. Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgaa auto clicker is another Free safe auto clicker that is uniquely known because of its simplicity and ease of use for Mac users. This auto clicker is amongst the most popular names in the field of automation and supports a great legacy. While this mac automation tool is designed for left-mouse button automation, it also works with right button clicks. Users are given several options to start and stop the auto clicker from clicking.

Murgee auto clicker supports a simple main window that is used to control all the operations of this auto clicker. Users can set the time interval between the clicks to make tasks more efficient and easy. A specific keyboard key can be assigned to start and stop the clicking process as required. To make the tool function easier, the number of clicks automated and other relevant information is also visible on the screen.

To use this tool for automating repetitive tasks, you will have to download this tool from Murgaa’s website. If you wish to see the installation process and features of the tool, you can watch the tutorial of the tool on Murgaa’s website.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Supports right and left mouse button automation. 
  • Several options for stopping and starting clicks. 
  • One main window for controlling all operations. 
  • Set the time interval between mouse clicking. 
  • Assign a specific keyboard key to start and stop clicks.
>> Download <<

3. OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker

OP auto clicker is one of the safe auto clickers for Roblox mac that utilizes a very simple user interface and also is free to use. Uniquely, this tool uses two different modes that users can select from. The first is a pre-selected location that has been fed into the software’s memory, and the second is making clicks where the mouse cursor is placed. Users can either set the maximum clicks they want the OP auto clicker to generate, or set the tool to make infinite clicks.

An interesting thing about this tool is that the users can choose between the right or left mouse clicks along with choosing the desired time interval. The option of choosing between single, double, or triple-clicking is also supported by this auto clicker.

OP auto clicker has three different versions. These versions allow users to change hotkeys, save settings from the last sessions, choose between double and triple-clicking, and select between right or middle-clicking. OP auto clicker isn’t just for experienced users, it can be used by beginners alike. The only problem with this tool is that it does not support any advanced options that you can find in other auto clickers. This tool can be downloaded easily is used.


  • Two different modes; pre-selected clicking location or follow the mouse cursor 
  • Simple interface 
  • Set maximum number or infinite clicks 
  • Set time interval 
  • Choose between right and left clicks 
  • Three versions supported 
  • The hotkey can be assigned and runs in the background 
  • Free and safe for downloading 
  • Suitable for experienced users as well as beginners 
  • Advanced options are not supported
>> Download <<

4. Garyshood Auto Clicker

Garyshood Auto Clicker

GaryHoods auto clicker is an amazing safe auto clicker for mac free that is a full-fledge and virus-free software that gives players the option of automating mouse clicks in their games like Roblox. Being designed for RuneScape, Garyhoods auto clicker supports an additional calculator and update button. To start, just open an auto clicker on your Windows or Mac device and select your speed. This can be set in seconds or milliseconds. Once the speed is set, press the start button and wait 5 seconds.

Garryhoods auto clicker is a great auto clicker in Runescape that is free to use in different games and applications. This auto clicker is written in the visual basic 6. If you don’t want to download the software, again and again, you can easily save the program on your desktop. Having a very user-friendly and simple interface, this tool is easy to operate and use, supporting different click points and multiple swipes. The simplicity and ease of use along with its safe operation make this tool just the right one to be used for playing games like Roblox.


  • Simple and easy to use 
  • User-friendly user interface 
  • Supports multiple click points and swipes
  • Written in visual basic 6 
  • Supports additional update and calculator button 
  • Allows importing/exporting scripts 
  • Has a global timer 
>> Download <<

5. Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker

If you’re in search of mouse automation software that can automate mouse clicks on your Windows or Mac device screen, this is a great tool. Being a very fast auto clicker, it runs in the background, ensuring not to disturb you as you work. While this autoclicker does the work, you can sit and perform other tasks. This auto clicker can perform right or left clicks as well as double clicks on the screen. Your mouse clicks can be recorded by this tool to be plated later when you aren’t using the computer.

This amazing auto clicker can help users with different tasks like playing games such as Roblox. The timer interval between clicks can be set and you can set a schedule to stop clicking as needed. To get the exact clicking location, you can set the X and Y coordinates as desired.

This is rated as being one of the best auto clickers for PC that are free and secure to use. The features of this tool make it much different and better than most similar software. The best thing about this tool is that isn’t just that it is free of cost, but also that it can easily be customized and configured to give you the automated mouse clicks you need and where you need them.


  • Assists in games like Roblox
  • Runs well in the background 
  • Performs left, right clicks, and double clicks as well
  • Set the time intervals between clicks 
  • Schedule to stop clicks 
  • Set exact location with X and Y coordinates 
  • Free from virus and malware, safe to use
>> Download <<

6. Auto Clicker by Polar

Auto Clicker by Polar

Auto clicker by polar is unique in its ability to be a fast yet free auto clicker that can be used easily to automate all mouse-clicking tasks on Windows PC like playing games. Gamers who play games like Roblox frequently can take advantage of this auto clicker to get automated mouse clicks where and as needed. Auto clicker by polar allows users to customize the settings and set the desired speed for clicking. This is a beginner-friendly tool for simulating mouse clicks.

This auto clicker offers unique and amazing features that go together well. Users can select static clicks on a single location or make the cursor follow the desired path. Moreover, you can set the number of clicks, and choose between single, double, or triple clicks. Auto clicker by Polar also lets you set different hotkeys for performing clicks automatically. This is a free auto clicker tool that is entirely safe to use on your device as it doesn’t have any malware or viruses.


  • Fast yet free auto clicker 
  • Ideal for playing games
  • Click speed and frequency can be customized 
  • Free to download 
  • Safe to use 
  • Set static clicks or follow the mouse cursor 
  • Select between single, double, and triple mouse clicks 
  • Assign different hotkeys for automating tasks
>> Download <<


Auto clickers are very useful automation tools that people use for different tasks, but one of the most important uses is in games like Roblox where gamers are required to click repeatedly. While not all auto clickers are safe to use on your device, we have compiled a list of the 6 safest auto clickers for Windows and Mac. We hope you are able to find the one you need.

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