What Does "Clicking Gains 1% of Your CpS" Mean in Cookie Clicker

What Does “Clicking Gains 1% of Your CpS” Mean in Cookie Clicker

What’s life without a bit of fun? Earlier, we had other ways of enjoying; board games, sports, etc. Today, we have seen a shift toward the world of E-gaming. Almost everyone loves playing online or PC games, whether it’s on mobile phones or PCs. When it comes to competitive gaming, idle games are pretty popular. One of the most popular idle games today is cookie clicker, a game where you must click the giant cookie to bake more cookies. However, many players don’t yet know much about the game. Players often question what “clicking gains 1% of your CpS means?”. Want to know? We have here all the answers you need.

But first, let’s talk a little about the game itself.

About Cookie Clicker Game

Cookie Clicker Game

Cookie clicker is a highly praised game by many players today. While it doesn’t look as engaging with the low-end graphics, it is highly addictive, especially for gamers who love competition. It’s about challenging yourself and other players to take the lead and play head-on. How do you play it? It’s effortless! Just click, click, and click to get a higher score and win against your competitors.

How Does Cookie Clicker Work?

The cookie clicker is an idle game, meaning you need to click repeatedly. Click what? The large-sized cookie appears on your device screen. Whenever you click on the giant cookie, you receive cookie(s). You can use these earned cookies to get exciting game assets like buildings and cursors for creating more cookies automatedly. And that’s just your part; Click and win.

What Does “Clicking Gains 1% of Your CpS” mean in Cookie Clicker?

In this idle game, you get small cookies for clicking on the large-sized one. “Clicking gains +1% of your Cps” means 1% of the CpS (cookies per second) adds up to the original number of cookies for each click. Let’s understand this with the help of numbers.

  • Let’s say you make 20 cookies for every click with a 1000 CpS or your CpS is 1000.
  • First, calculate the 1% of your Cps, which is 10 in this case. 1000/100 = 10.
  • Add this 10 to the original cookies for each click that is 20 + 10 = 30.
  • You will get 30 cookies instead of 20 for each click now.

Another example, you gain 5000 cookies per click with a 1 million CpS score. Since 1% of 1 million is 10000 (1000000/100), you’ll get 15,000 cookies (5000 (the original cookies ) +  1% of Cps ( 10000) ) for every click.

You can use the Cookies Per Click + CpS * 0.01 as well.

Putting the values; 5000 + 1000000 * 0.01 = 15,000.

Final Words

Cookie clicker is a very addictive game; indeed, many gamers’ favorite! Most people aren’t aware of the game basics even though they want to play it. Above, we have thoroughly answered your question, “what does clicking gains +1% of your CpS mean”? We hope you now have the answers you need! Understanding the game basics lets you play cookie clicker competitively, increasing your chances of winning against other players! Don’t believe us? Try playing the game today! We know you’ll love it; it’s no surprise everyone does.

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