What mouse does Clix use?

What Mouse Does Clix Use? | Pro Settings

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the concept of entertainment. Children, these days, don’t roam around the streets playing cricket or cycling with their neighborhood or school friend. They spend their time playing online video games, which let them connect with their friends from not just the area but from any corner of the world. Since the trend of online gaming is growing a lot, there has also been an increase in e-gaming influencers. Some pro-gamers have started YouTube channels where they live stream their games and provide their viewers with tips to be better at gaming. These pro-gamers have a huge fan base and have people idolizing them. Clix is one of those pro-gamers. He has around 2 million subscribers, and he entirely influences people.

Gamers are pretty precise about the kind of equipment they use. They know the GPU of their computer, the type of mouse they use, or even the chair they sit on will greatly impact their gaming performance. This is why gamers tend to buy the same gear as their gaming ideal. This is the same in the case of Clix. If you are a fan of Clix, are impressed by his gaming, and want to know about his gear, then this article is all you need. This article covers all the details about the mouse Clix uses, so one can also judge if the mouse suits them.

What is the Name of the Mouse Clix Uses?

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja

As Clix himself is a significant gamer, he is expected to have his gaming gear of excellent quality as well. The mouse Clix uses is Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja, a beauty. Whether one considers the design of the mouse, the look it provides, or its performance, it is an example in itself. The detailed qualities and features of the mouse are given below:


The design of the mouse is simple and sleek, and yet stylish. The bottom chassis of the mouse is designed with lattice geometry to increase the mouse’s grip. The option of having a custom-made frame for the mouse adds to the design of the mouse. Moreover, the haiku scroll of the mouse adds to its uniqueness and ability to stand out.


The Air 58 Ninja is relatively light in weight. It only weighs 6.4 ounces, allowing swift movement and removing any hindrance for the player to play smoothly.

XY Sensitivity

This mouse allows one to set the sensitivity of the x-axis and y-axis. Generally, the x and y axis both have the same sensitivity. But in this mouse, one can have separate settings for both axes. If you want to follow Clix, he keeps the x-axis of the mouse at 8.7 % sensitivity and the y-axis at 6.3%. But, keep in mind that the mouse’s sensitivity depends on the player. The mouse’s sensitivity affects the mouse cursor’s speed and the way the camera will move left or right. Thus one should not follow anyone’s sensitivity settings blindly but rather try to find the ones in which they are comfortable.


DPI is an abbreviation for dots per unit. It represents how the mouse covers the physical distance on the screen. Typically, 800 DPI would mean 800 pixels across the screen covered by the mouse cursor. DPI is an essential aspect of gaming as it determines how fast one’s mouse cursor will move from one point of the screen to the other. Clix has his mouse’s DPI set at 800. Once more, each player has to find the speed at which the player himself is comfortable.

Clix is a pro gamer with his DPI set to be 800 after a lot of gaming practice and experience. Thus, one just starting or a bit new at playing online games is recommended to start at a little less DPI and move upwards with time.

Clix Mouse

Target Sensitivity

Target sensitivity is also referred to as ADS, an abbreviation for aiming down the scope. It is also considered one of the most important sensitivities of the mouse, and its meaning is entirely defined in its name. It is related to the aiming speed of the mouse. Clix has set his mouse target sensitivity at 90.9 %.

Scope Sensitivity

Scope sensitivity is just like targeting sensitivity but is used when the player tries to aim at the enemy through a scope. Clix has the mouse’s scope sensitivity set at 82.7 %. Clix’s mouse’s target and scope sensitivity suits his gaming style and helps him kill as many enemies as possible.

Cable Length and Properties

The cable length of the mouse is 1.9 m with a USB 2.0 connection. The length is appropriate for a gamer to move the mouse freely and play while fully relaxed.


Clix has chosen a mouse that is best for his gaming style. But remember, it’s not just his gear, but one would need sheer practice and time to be like Clix or even better than him.

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