Where to Take an Accurate CPS Test?

Where to Take an Accurate CPS Test? | Know the Best Platform

The CPS test is performed by many people in order to check how many times they click in a second as possible. This click-per-second test is done through online tools and software or also offline. The users have to click the mouse button as fast as they can in the given time duration. Now the question is where do we perform an accurate CPS test?

CPS Test

This online game will calculate and give the result of your number of clicks in CPS. The clicking speed depends upon the total force of your fingers which you used during clicking. The CPS test gives you an awareness of how much improvement is required to attain high clicking speed. It has proven beneficial for gamers in playing favorite games and attaining high scores.

How is your Score Displayed?

The CPS calculates your score and displays it by proper calculation. When the prescribed time is completed, the CPS tool calculates your final score by comparing the ratio of the total number of clicks to the number of seconds. So the faster you click, the counter will give you a higher score. The 6-9 score of the CPS test is considered to be the best average rated score and the world’s highest score is 14.1 CPS.

How to Perform a CPS Test?

How to Perform a CPS Test?

The accurate CPS test is performed by our simple and precisely designed click test tool. All you have to do:

  • Visit the website and select the time duration in which you want to perform a click test.
  • The option of selecting time duration is present on the online tool interface.
  • A box is present in which you click very fast to get the maximum count in the defined time period.
  • Once the time has elapsed, a window will open which will show your score.
  • If you want to take the test again, click on the Try again button to practice many times in order to improve your score.

How Well can you Perform this Test?

How to Perform a CPS Test?

This test is performed at best by following some key points and techniques. By following these you can improve your clicking speed such as:

  • While giving tests or practicing, always keep your hands relaxed.
  • Use two fingers and their distance from the mouse should be less.
  • Give a gentle click not hard to your mouse.
  • Last but not least is a stable internet connection for a rapid number of clicking and getting a maximum number of scores.


It is now clear that the CPS test platform is dual in function. You can use it for online games or also for practice purposes in getting maximum clicking speed. This tool will train you in playing shooting and aiming games such as Minecraft etc. By adopting different tips and techniques you can improve your score on this tool. The easy and simple tool can be accessed easily and used by anyone.

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