Why Does my Mouse Double Click

Why Does my Mouse Double Click? | Reasons & Solutions

If you wonder why my mouse double-click when I single click, you have come to the right place. Often due to some reasons, your mouse may not function properly. It will double click even though you are performing single clicks. This issue can be a problem with your computer settings, hardware, or mouse. The mouse double click issue might be an easily solvable one. However, it can cause a lot of annoyance due to a delay in performing tasks with your mouse.

This article will discuss the reasons along with giving solutions so you can efficiently resolve the problem.

Reasons and Solutions for Mouse Double Click

There are numerous reasons that answer your question of why does my mouse double-click all the time. If you are facing a problem due to any of the following reasons, we have provided you with effective fixes that will resolve the double click issue immediately.

1. Double-Click Speed Set too Low

If a double-click speed is too low, it causes problems in interpreting the clicks. A low-speed results in the computer recognizing clicks slowly, which cause it to take two single clicks as double clicks. This problem is not uncommon and can be easily solved.

Double-Click Speed Set too Low


Go to your settings and select the mouse in the devices category. Choose additional mouse options in related options to review mouse properties. After clicking on the buttons, drag the speed to the middle for balanced mouse speed.

2. Dirty Mouse

If a mouse is dirty, the buttons are not functioning correctly. You need to take a closer look at your mouse and see any dirt stuck around the buttons. This results in double-clicking, which can be very annoying.

Dirty Mouse


You can easily clean the built-up dirt on the mouse with a clean cotton swab. The thin cotton swab will help remove dirt from the corners after thoroughly cleaning it with a microfiber cloth. Compressed air is also an effective tool in mouse cleaning.

3. Wireless Signal Interference

This problem occurs a lot in the case of wireless mice. The poor communication between the mouse and computer results in a trouble interpreting clicks. However, this signal interference problem can be solved easily, so you can stop wondering why my mouse double clicks.

Wireless Signal Interference of mouse


Firstly, if your mouse is paired with other computers, unpair it, pairing up with the computer in use. Shift your mouse closer to the computer and if your mouse uses a USB dongle look for any items that interfere with signals, such as metal, near the connection.

4. Mouse Batteries need to be Replaced or Charged

Often, problems like double clicks have a widespread reason. It affects mouse performance by misinterpreting clicks as well.

Mouse Batteries need to be Replaced or Charged


Replace your mouse batteries immediately if the batteries are causing an issue. If you own a rechargeable mouse, plug it in for a while to regain its power so it is entirely fit for use.

5. Bad Windows Update

If you have recently updated windows and wondered why my mouse double-clicked everything, a bad update is likely the problem. A bad update can bring bugs that can cause problems with the functionality of hardware and software.

Bad Windows Update


To solve the problem completely, try updating the Windows again or running an SFC to view files containing problems and fix them.

6. Corrupt System Files

If you are suffering from corrupt system files, it can often cause troubles in hardware functionality. Due to this, you can also face the issue of mouse double clicking.

Corrupt System Files


When using Windows, use tools like DISM to check and repair corrupted files. You can also run a file checker or SFC to detect corrupted files.

7. Defective Mouse

If your mouse is defective, especially around the button area, it can result in causing clicking problems.

Defective Mouse


Send your mouse to the company to get it thoroughly checked and repaired rather than attempting to fix it yourself. If it has defected beyond damage, then consider getting a new one.

8. A Defective Computer Motherboard

The motherboard connects all hardware to the processor. However, if it is defective, hardware communication with a computer can face many problems.

Defective Computer Motherboard


A motherboard is extremely hard to find and repair. It is best to take the issue to a professional and get your defective motherboard fixed.

Final Words

The reasons mentioned above could be the various possible reasons causing your mouse to double click. Single clicks are significant, and it is almost impossible to work through this glitch. However, we have ensured that these solutions are practical and that your problem is entirely resolved. However, if you are still facing the problem of mouse double clicking all the time, try changing your mouse as a last resort so you can continue with your work without any more delays.


1. Why does my mouse double click when I single-click windows 10?

There may be numerous reasons if you are facing the mouse double click problem. You may have had a bad windows update; your double click speed might be low, you may have a defective or dirty mouse, or you might be facing a faulty motherboard.

2. Can you fix a mouse that double clicks?

The mouse double click problem might seem big as well as annoying. However, it can easily be solved. Firstly identify the reason that is causing your mouse to double click. After this, apply the appropriate solution.

3. Why does my mouse double click when I single-click mac?

If you do not have a problem with the mouse, the settings on your MAC likely need to be changed. Go to the Apple menu and then click system preferences. Adjust the dial of double click speed to the middle to result in a balanced performance.

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